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We are trying to expand sales outlets, with China as the center, products have been sold to Japan, America, southeast Asia and other countries and regions

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24 Jun,2022

Company cash gift 1. Employee marriage: 1000 yuan from the company, 500 yuan from the department head; If both of them are employees of the company, the company will pay 1500 yuan as a gift

1、 Company cash gifts

1. Employee marriage: the company's cash gift is 1000 yuan, and the department head's cash gift is 500 yuan; If both of them are employees of the company, the company will pay 1500 yuan as a gift;

2. Employees giving birth to children: the company's cash gift is 500 yuan;

3. Death of the employee's immediate family members (parents, mother-in-law, parents in law, spouse, children): the company's cash gift is 500 yuan;

4. Death of employee: the standard of payment is 12 months' salary

2、 Commuting expenses

1. For commuters in Dalian, the maximum monthly limit is 220 yuan based on an average of 21 days per month;

2. Accommodators in Liaoning Province shall pay four round-trip tolls per month, with a maximum monthly limit of 220 yuan;

3. Employees who live unmarried and whose parents are outside Liaoning Province can be reimbursed for the transportation expenses for a Spring Festival visit. The standard is based on the actual expenses incurred.

3、 Provisions on subsidy of heating cost

Calculated according to the specified area * heating fee standard * 70%.

1. If you have worked in the cooperative for 15 years or more, it is calculated as 95 square meters of housing area.

2. Within 15 years of working in the cooperative, it is calculated by 60 square meters of housing area.

4、 Heatstroke prevention and temperature lowering products

Period: June 15 – September 15

Standard: Grade A: production site, outdoor operation, outdoor operation 5 yuan/day

Level B: 4 yuan/day between Level A and office work

Level C: general office work 3 yuan/day

5、 Spring Festival gifts, Mid Autumn gifts, birthday gifts:

1. Spring Festival gifts are distributed in January every year.

2. Mid Autumn gifts are distributed in September every year.

3. Birthday gifts are distributed in the month of the employee's birthday.

6、 Employee travel in the past 25 years

The company arranges travel for employees who have been in the club for 25 years. The subsidy standard is 1500 yuan/person, and the leave is 2 days (1 day for the company and 1 day for the individual).