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Yukari Classic concoction is on the market

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04 Sep,2019

  Yukari Classic优佳丽经典配制酒上市啦!!!   升华满杯红,风雅紫苏酒。   “Yukari Classic”,邀您体验芳醇风味与华丽馨香的世界~   源自日本三岛食品的颜色鲜艳,香气爽口的紫苏利口酒(酒精度13%,无色素无香料),   无论是直饮、冰饮、碳酸稀释饮法还是调制成鸡尾酒,都能让香味更馨,美味更纯~    


Yukari Classic concoction is on the market!!!


Sublimate a full glass of red, elegant perilla wine.

"Yukari Classic" invites you to experience the world of mellow flavor and gorgeous fragrance~

Perilla liqueur (alcohol content: 13%, no pigment and no spice) with bright color and pleasant fragrance derived from Japanese food,

Whether it is straight drink, ice drink, carbonic acid dilution drink or cocktail, it can make the fragrance more fragrant and the taste more pure~


Yukari Classic