Basil is called su leaf, as a day dedicated to improve the scent of meal of vegetables is widely used in all kinds of food

Mishima and basil

Based on the research of perilla production industry for more than 50 years. It has its own perilla planting base, with an annual usage of 4000 tons, and advanced planting and extraction technology


Based on basil production industry research more than fifty years

In 1970, Mishima Food in Japan started to mix rice seasoning with perilla YUKARI® As soon as the products come into the market, they are favored by consumers for their bright colors and refreshing fragrance.

The secret of the seed

In order to cultivate more stable purple perilla varieties in color and fragrance, after 20 years of efforts, by 1999, "FENG XIANG®』 The seeds were successfully cultivated and began to be planted in large areas in Japan and China.


Based on the research of perilla production industry for more than 50 years, Mishima Food has the world's advanced perilla planting and extraction technology.


The secret of the plant

Both China and Japan have their own perilla planting bases, which do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The bases are monitored from air, soil to water sources.

It has been 20 years since perilla was planted in China.

The perilla base in Dandong is currently the largest "small leaf perilla green food production base" in China.

The base is located far away from industrial and mining pollution areas, where the water quality, soil and air meet the national standards for pollution-free food production and green food production. It has obtained JAS organic food certification, green food certification and Merieux testing certification in Japan.

Based on basil production industry research more than fifty years

From seed breeding, cultivation base management, transportation, materials handling, processing salted harvest, to choose the packaging, fully controllable and traceable.

50 Years

Based on basil industry research

2000 Tons of

Annual output of

4000 Tons of

Perilla years usage


Has its own base of Perilla

Mishima has its own perilla base of 2000 mu in China with an annual output of 2000 tons to ensure the safety of raw materials and guarantee the supply.

The planting of Perilla always adheres to the concept of green health, scientific and standardized planting, no pesticides are used in the planting process, and artificial weeding is used.

The whole process is controllable and traceable from seed cultivation, base cultivation management, harvesting and transportation, raw material treatment, salt processing, to selection and packaging.

Compared with other regions in China and Japan, perilla is the best in color and aroma.

Mishima strength

The secret of the processing

Has advanced Perilla extraction technology, ensure that the natural Perilla product

In order to retain the unique fragrance of perilla, Mishima Food has established a special perilla research center, which has advanced perilla extraction technology to ensure the original taste of perilla products.

Cleaning, blanching, boiling, juice control, bagging, sterilization, freezing, packing and other processes ensure the safety and high quality of each perilla product with a complete and strict traceability system.

All 508 items of perilla products passed the pesticide residue test.

Mishima and basil
Mishima and basil
1990 Years

The company was founded in

28 Billion yen

The total investment

18 Billion yen

The registered capital

20888 Thousands ㎡

Covers an area of

Perilla base Merieux certification testing

Perilla base Merieux certification testing