Basil is called su leaf, as a day dedicated to improve the scent of meal of vegetables is widely used in all kinds of food
What is a basil?
What is a basil?

What is a basil?

Perilla is an annual herb of Labiatae.

The leaves of Perilla are mostly shrunk and curled, and the intact leaves are oval and crisp after flattening.

Perilla is purple in tender branches, pitted in the middle of the section, with light fragrance, slightly pungent taste, purple in color and strong fragrance.

Perilla is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which has the same origin in medicine and food. It can regulate the "five qi" of the human body: dispelling cold, clearing lung qi, transforming phlegm qi, widening middle qi, and calming the fetus. Zhang Fu in the Song Dynasty wrote a poem called Purple Perilla: Shen Nong described the efficacy of purple perilla. Compendium of Materia Medica explains: "Su" is comfortable, which is comfortable in nature and promotes blood circulation, so it is Su. It tastes pungent and warm, and enters the lung and spleen meridian. It can cure cold, fever, aversion to cold, cough, asthma, chest and abdomen distension, fetal movement failure, and detoxify fish and crab.

Perilla is a treasure all over the body, rich in thiamine, manganese, copper, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium, carotene, vitamin A&C, niacin, calcium, protein, riboflavin, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients. Perilla is one of the first batch of dual-use plants approved by the state, which has the effects of lowering blood fat and blood pressure, detoxifying and protecting the liver, improving memory, etc. It enjoys the reputation of "plant brain gold", "deep sea fish oil on land", and has very high economic value.